Working in oil paints from early childhood, Jessica Hedrick has a comfort and love for the medium. She paints a variety of subjects, but focuses on landscapes and portraiture.

She was encouraged early on by her father Ron Hedrick, a notable Canadian Painter. Around 15 years old, her first weekend workshop was with Gordon Applebee Smith, who strongly encouraged her to continue with visual arts. She studied art at the University College of the Fraser Valley under Bruce Paschak who taught her to enjoy the creative process and to expand her concepts of art. Since then she has taken workshops with Canadian and American painters Carolyn Anderson, Ingrid Christensen and Kevin Bielfuss and Dominik Modlinski.

Jessica Hedrick married in the fall of 2011 and, along with her husband Dave, owned and operated Rendez-Vous Art Gallery in Vancouver, BC until 2013. Jessica couldn’t stay away from the art business for too long, though, she later worked with Stew Turcotte at the Hambleton Galleries in Kelowna, BC where she worked until the birth of her daughter in 2016.

In late 2015 Jessica started a project called “The Face of Kelowna” which she was painted a portrait a day for a year for each day a Kelowna resident sent in a picture. All of the funds raised from the project will go directly to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Jessica Hedrick is now on the Board of Directors for the Kelowna Art Gallery.

She currently paints and teaches out of her studio in Kelowna, BC.

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