Base Supplies:

**Please use quality supplies!!! Your painting will not turn out better than the supplies you use and you will get frustrated with student quality materials.**

Canvas or panel (11×14 – 16×20 is best for most classes)

Brushes (sizes 4, 6, 8) flat hoghair preferred (You can bring a few other brushes if you have them)

Paper towels and rags

Palette knife

Titanium white

Cadmium lemon yellow (or azo yellow)

Cadmium medium yellow (or Hansa yellow medium)

Cadmium orange (or permanent orange)

Transparent Earth Red

Cadmium red (or napthol red light)

Quinacridone red, Quinacridone magenta (or permanent rose)

Dioxazine purple

Ultramarine blue

Pthalo blue *must be the green shade from Windsor Newton

You may bring a few other favorite colours as well

*A few other helpful things to bring are baby wipes for basic clean up, palette scraper, extra small cheapie panels for colour practice.

**If you’re new to painting and you’re worried about the investment in supplies, please email me and we can figure something out depending on your level of interest – please DO NOT buy the cheapest quality paint and canvas – I will help you find better alternatives or charge you to use mine until you know you like it!