Well… Covid has put us all to the test – helping us to choose our priorities and somewhat forcing us to shed habits and comfortable decisions. Having over a decade of working through the gallery system, I’ve decided to move on. It hasn’t served me in the ways I want – I want to meet you – The Artist, The Art Lover, The Person – face to face.

It’s painting itself that I enjoy – becoming better – exploring always. The gallery system has been limiting in this sense. And when I ask myself if that helps me teach – no, it does not. And… it is teaching or connecting through actual creation that brings me the most joy in life.

When I was a gallery owner I will admit, there was a lot I didn’t enjoy. All said and done though, within a year we made it possible for artists who needed this outlet to thrive. Artists were able to create full-time – they were able to see the world differently and share that with us all. Galleries certainly are needed and I love visiting them – I always will.

But, out of necessity, they can box an artist in. This left me frustrated and unable to grow in the ways I needed to in order to be the best teacher I could be. And I want you to be the best artist you can be. I want to find the way through the thicket – open that path up for those wanting to paint for a living. I want to teach – I want to get the high of watching each and every student grow – to see the world just a little differently – to paint better.

It’s an odd choice to make… to actually be in the gallery system and choose to turn away from it. Many artists (very capable artists) spend years just trying to get one under their belt. I’ve had successful years in the gallery system with sell-out shows and years where I barely made enough to cover supplies. It’s addictive in many ways – the dopamine rush of a sale, nevermind the cash that comes with it. And in many ways, its what gives me credit as a teacher, but it doesn’t make me a better teacher.

Exploration, growth, connection and sharing… Here I come!

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