Starting April 10th, choose 4 Tuesday classes out of 8 to accommodate for busy spring schedules. Just email the day prior to so I know you’ll be coming. Classes are limited to 5 students so you’ll get a lot of individual attention.

Paintings will be completed in an Alla Prima style which means they will be completed in one session.

Starts April 10th

Four 3 hour classes for $165

Sign up with Shelley at

2 thoughts on “Flexible Spring Alla Prima Classes

  1. Hi, Jessica,
    I met you last Saturday at Hambleton Gallery and you mentioned these classes. I’m interested and would like to know more about session times, materials, subject matter, etc. I would likely be painting in acrylics since my oils are probably dried up.
    Launna Vinnedge


    1. Hi Launna,

      Classes run from 1-4pm on the Tuesdays.

      You can give the classes a go in acrylics, but it’s not a medium I’m super familiar with.

      I ask for students to bring an 11×14 canvas or panel, a list of 8-10 colours (can be emailed if you’re interested), 5 brushes ranging from size 3-10 (flats or Gilbert’s preferred), the rest is regular painting stuff like an apron, paper towel etc (again I’ve listed this all on the materials list).

      Last week we did a still life, however, the class is flexible for subject matter. This is not a regimented class, however, I cover topics from colour theory, composition, brushwork and more.

      The class size is small right now, which means extra attention.

      Let me know if you have any further questions!


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