‘Here, Let me get that for you Honey’

8×8 Oil on Canvas

Well I sat down at the easel today and was wondering what I should paint for an upcoming show… And then I thought, I’ve got everything I need done so I can paint what I want. This is when the magic happens I think.

I’ve been on a bit of a kick with birds lately. There is so much cultural and personal history that colours how we feel about birds. When I say ‘Pigeon’ a general sense of the bird comes to mind. When I say ‘Crow’, ‘Magpie’, ‘Owl’, ‘Lovebird’, ‘Chickadee’, ‘Sparrow’, ‘Vulture’, ‘Eagle’, ‘Dove’… They all bring up such different feelings. Some we love, some we love to hate. Some are dirty, some signal strength, freedom, sweet, some are scavengers, some are predators… But they all fill a niche.

‘Trickster’ 8×8 Oil on Canvas

I thought I’d share that I have thrown the rule of ‘don’t use black’ out the window in the last few days. Black can definitely get over-used and it can create a flat, muddy image, particularly for newer artists, but it’s extremely fun and useful for those who understand colour temperature already. It allows for a depth that just saturates so perfectly and allows the lights and brights to sing.